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    Beaufort West Oral History Kiosk

    Beaufort West Museum - 2012

    To ensure a spoken history isn’t lost as a new generation focus their attention elsewhere, our exhibit design firm put together a touch screen kiosk to store and share video and audio memories.

  • Beaufort West Oral History Kiosk

    The tradition of oral storytelling and the passing down of a spoken history often means that important stories get lost and forgotten as new generations focus their attention elsewhere. To avoid the complete loss of such important cultural and historical information, our exhibit design firm presented the Beaufort West Museum with a touch screen kiosk and custom to share the oral history of the Central Karoo region.

    Video footage and audio recording of the oral histories were divided into themes and the museum display was designed to present the content in a digital memory box. To explore the memory box and the individual memories, visitors interacted with the touch screen kiosk application and saw the box opening to reveal relevant photos and recordings. While the visitor explores the photos and other images, the video and audio recording play, giving context and meaning to the images.