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    Frog Touch Wall

    Two Oceans Aquarium - 2008

    The Frog Touch Wall is an interactive projection that immerses visitors in the habitat of frogs threatened with extinction in the Western Cape, allowing an exploration of their environments and relevant eco-system and encouraging conservation efforts.
    Frog Interactive Wall created by Formula D interactive

    2009 Gold Loerie: Experiential Digital-Applications

  • Frog Touch Wall

    The Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa, wanted an exhibit that would encourage visitors to care about endangered frog species and asked us to help create an installation for this purpose.

    Our team of exhibit designers decided that immersing the visitor in the habitat of the threatened frogs through playful interaction projection would create the most engaging and memorable experience.

    The interactive environment shows a super-realistic animated video composition representing all nine frog habitats of the Western Cape. Within and behind this interface lives a rich, seamless and explorable world of sound, video, photographs and animations, as well as text information.
    Against the background of an animated 3D impression of the relevant ecosystem, visitors activate different habitats by touching them, thus revealing 360-degree panoramic views of a given area.

    A number of threat alerts activate at random and freeze all other interaction with the screen. It is now up to the visitor to act quickly and touch the correct image corresponding to a multiple-choice questionnaire on common threats to the specific ecosystem or species.

    The educational touch screen game challenges users to discover featured animals or plants within animated, photorealistic representations of ecosystems and habitats. It can be customised for any ecosystem and species. Get in touch to find out more.