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The unobtrusive functionality and interaction with tablet computers is a huge leap forward in a classroom setting, where learners previously had to move into special rooms to use computers.

The ease with which tablet computers integrate into existing classroom scenarios has been proven many times. In South Africa, Core Group ran a pilot project with iPads in several schools. The results are promising. Some Grade 7 learners even created their own apps.

Similar to most other technology platforms, the content and User Experience Design encapsulated in the “apps” are crucial to success.

Tablet computers with educational apps have an even greater potential in regions with limited access to formal education.

Nicholas Negroponte (One Laptop Per Child) handed over tablet computers to 20 illiterate rural children in Ethiopia aged 8 to 10, who reportedly had not even seen road signs before.

6 months later, the kids were found to be inseparable from their devices and were even able to spell and pronounce English words. One 10-year old child even managed to bypass security settings and gain full access to all the tablet’s features.