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So how can we bring innovation to our education systems?

Many believe that technology will revolutionise the way we learn. But what kind of technology are we talking about? And what exactly is it that this technology is going to do? To get the best out of technology for education, we need designers to design learning tools based on the close examination and observation of exactly how it is that people learn. The Learning Innovation Design Lab will place a special focus on certain technologies and design trends, which have been recognised to have a high potential impact on learning in the near future.

Key Learning Technologies

 Game-Based Learning

It’s an exciting challenge for designers to make games that combine the best of gaming technology with content and game play that have educational benefits. Read more

 Personal Learning Environments

A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is a technology tool, which lets individual learners find the learning path, tools and human resources at the right time. Read more

 Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) could become a powerful technology for learning. AR allows us to embed interactive audiovisual content into our physical world using devices such as smart phones. Read more

 Mobile Learning

Africa’s medium is the mobile phone. The opportunities of using mobile phones and apps for innovation in the educational sector are massive. Read more

 Tablet Computing

The unobtrusive functionality and interaction with tablet computers is a huge leap forward in a classroom setting, where learners previously had to move into special rooms to use computers. Read more

 Natural Learning Interfaces

Thanks to more directly mediated interaction via touch, we see toddlers, old and illiterate people finding access to computer technology. Still, we can’t stop here. Read more