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In 2014, Formula D interactive aims to launch its Not-for-Profit initiative, the Learning Innovation Design Lab in Cape Town. The goal is to find solutions to problems within the context of education here in South Africa, and beyond, by bringing together designers, technology partners, learners and teachers, whilst creating a showcase and testing space for existing innovation.


Education and formal learning need design and creative thinking in order to bring innovation to a system that, over the last decades, has proven largely unresponsive to urgent educational needs and technological opportunities. We, as designers, are conscious of the value design has to improve the situation of learners in South Africa.


The Learning Innovation Design Lab will create a cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional platform for various players and activities to make design count for education. Activities will range from hosting exhibitions and workshops to prototyping and the realisation of tangible products.


We are looking for partners and contributors. Does this sound interesting to you? If so, please get in touch.