International Budget Partnership Game

The IBP game is an online learning game designed for the International Budget Partnership. The umbrella organisation offers training and knowledge resources, supporting civil society organisations around the globe and focussing on budget advocacy and monitoring.

In this scenario-based learning game, players travel to the imaginary country of Polarus. The user takes on the role of an intern working for SeDeN, a budget advocacy organisation. The task of this educational game is to investigate whether public resources are being used to fight poverty and improve the lives of poor and marginalised people. Users explore development problems, find out how government budgets affect developments and learn how to build successful strategies for change.

The game consists of four missions which must be completed in chronological order. Players are introduced to each mission by Zuka, the director of SeDeN. In order to complete the game, players have to solve a number of puzzles and collect information offered to them throughout the gameplay.

The first phase of the development of the Open Budgets Game was in cooperation with Wireframe Studio.
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