About Formula D interactive
Our team
Formula D interactive comprises a team of highly motivated and skilled individuals from a number of different disciplines.

Michael Wolf (CEO)
Formula D interactive is headed by Interaction designer Michael Wolf, who moved to Cape Town from Germany in 2003. After studying Design at Cologne International School of Design (KISD) and École Nationale Superieure de Création Industriélle [ENSCI], Paris, France, he joined MARS - Exploratory Media Lab at the Fraunhofer Institute of Technology, Germany’s equivalent of MIT in the U.S., to work on experimental human-computer interaction focussing on immersive media spaces and tangible interfaces for computer-enhanced learning. He is co-founder of Formlos design studio in Cologne, Germany, a design consultancy specialising in product design. Wolf has received several awards including the prestigious IF Design Award. In early 2007 he founded Formula D interactive, specialising in digital interactive learning environments. He is chairperson of the Cape Town Design Network. Michael is passionate about design and is a firm believer that Formula D interactive is instrumental in reinventing education through the use of technology.

Marco Rosa (MD)
Marco’s interest in design began when he studied architecture at Wits Technikon and completed his internship with O’Malley Moses and Associates in Johannesburg. After completing his internship, he was offered an opportunity in the financial services industry with the Liberty Group, based in Johannesburg. After a successful few years in sales, Marco decided to move to Cape Town in 2001 and worked as an investment consultant in the financial services sector for Investec. Marco then ventured into start up territory with a company that employed tablet PC technology to streamline sales processes in financial services. He sold the company two years later.

Marco’s passion for technology, design and education and training came together whilst consulting to Apple on their education initiatives. Shortly after he became partner and Managing Director at Formula D interactive where he uses his combined skills and passion to help grow a company that sees the intersection of design, technology and education at the heart of a future world.