Serious games
Linking Education to Youth Culture
"Play and games are fundamental to learning. From an early age children learn about themselves and their environment through explorative play, constructional play or role play."

Multimedia gaming is growing in popularity amongst children, teenagers and adults alike. The gaming industry is constantly evolving and expanding its offerings for PC, console platforms, the internet, and arcades, yet the content of these games is in most cases of no educational value, and is indeed often violent, offensive or otherwise questionable.

Formula D interactive aims to address this issue through the concept of “serious games”: multimedia gaming experiences focussed on educational content that introduce learners to new knowledge in a medium they respond to and enjoy. By leveraging the element of playful competition that makes gaming so engaging, educational games can make even complex material entertaining and easy to digest. Educational Game applications can be designed for various formats, such as internet, CD-ROM, DVD, cell phones for “mobile learning” experiences, distance learning applications, online education applications, touch screen kiosks or large scale interactive projections and educational exhibitions. Interactive educational games often interlink with e-learning applications, which make use of game structures to allow users to test their knowledge.

Formula D interactive specialises in developing custom-made interactive learning solutions for the specific requirements of our clients. Please contact us for consultation.
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