Design development: Multi-Touch Walls

Formula D multi-touch walls transform entire walls into massive multi-touch screens, providing users access to information at their fingertips. State-of-the-art multi-touch screen technology lets users interact with multimedia content using natural gestures; grabbing, stretching, swivelling and sliding virtual objects across the screen with fingers or hands. Introducing multi-touch technology into a learning environment not only enhances the interactive experience of the individual, but also allows multiple users to interact with the display simultaneously, making the Formula D multi-touch wall a collaboration tool ideal for boardrooms, conferences or product presentations. In public spaces, museums, visitor centres or showrooms, Formula D touch walls enable your visitors and clients to intuitively explore multimedia content designed to your exact specifications.

The FDi-100 touch wall provides a true multi-touch screen at various and customisable sizes, allowing up to 3 adults to comfortably stand next to each other whilst operating an application on the screen. Housings for the screens can also be custom-designed depending on a client’s particular needs in terms of portability and/or display requirements.

Formula D’s touch wall technology provides access to a diverse range of applications, custom-made for deployment in educational, corporate and retail environments. Simple self-explanatory interfaces allow people at any level of education and any age to access media content in an intuitive way without requiring a high level of computer literacy. Formula D interactive’s multi-touch wall applications aim to make education an exciting and fun endeavour. Interactive design displays in museums and science centres become involving experiences with dynamic multi-media design content that may be updated and modified as desired.

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