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Interactive Wall
An intuitive interactive presentation for public spaces
Interactive walls are large scale interactive projections created by one or multiple data projectors combined with camera tracking technology, which is used to monitor movement and position of visitors in front of the wall. The solution offers a wide range of applications, from life sized immersive environments and walk-throughs for architectural simulation to interactive billboard advertising. Since no touch is required, the interactive content may be out of reach for the user, but can still be navigated by walking up to specific trigger points on the floor.

Interactive walls can be anything from 3 metres up to 20metres or more depending on the amount of data projectors and tracking cameras deployed. The scale of the projection combined with sound creates highly immersive environments letting your customer or visitor become an active part or your ‘world’, thus, winning multi-sensual attention for your learning or marketing content.

Previously produced interactive wall applications include:
  • Explorative photorealistic environments for tourism centres, with teaser information or advertising about activities in the region
  • Event timelines for museums and corporate visitor centres
  • Non linear narratives and product presentations with video characters addressing the user as they walk up to them.

Formula D interactive’s creative team is looking forward to developing your unique interactive wall application for your specific environment or product.


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