Public Service Explorer Game

The Public Service Explorer is an educational game, developed for the multi-touch wall platform in the Centre for Public Service Innovation. The game takes the visitor through the various steps of dealing with public service institutions, such as the Department of Home Affairs, or South African Revenue Service, to perform tasks like applying for their first Identity Document, registering the birth of a child, applying for government grants or registering for tax.

Using a simple, self-explanatory illustrated interface, the user visits 4 different public service institutions in small sections of a virtual city, interacting with virtual public servants and completing various tasks, such as attaining documents, or registering for benefits or services. This step-by-step process effectively educates the user on the processes required when making use of public services, helping them cope better when confronted with the same issues in real life.

The game also features a virtual flowchart tool, which helps the user visualise the tasks they need to complete in order to fulfil their objectives. Using simple tools, like pens, highlighters and drag-and-drop arrows, the user can keep track of their progress and plan the next step.

Public Service Explorer Game - Gallery

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