Interactive Floor Projection

Imagine a virtual version of “The Beautiful Game”, soccer, played on a fully customisable projected graphic pitch, complete with customisable advertising hoardings for your company branding, delighting your target audience for hours as they compete to kick a 2-dimensional, projected soccer ball through virtual goals.

The Formula D interactive Floor Projection system is an innovative way to convert unutilised floor space into a compelling and attractive display to entertain and astound. Traditional advertising media are passive, giving brands a slim chance of capturing the target’s interest and an even slimmer chance of keeping it. In constrast to a static visual, which is never more than part of the background, the Interactive Floor Projection keeps its audience captivated by turning floor-space advertising into an interactive event starring the target audience themselves.

The system is easily installed in either a permanent or portable way. The standard interactive design includes a number of compelling applications that can be customised for your specific needs. Promotional applications include a realistic illusion of walking across water with your company logo beneath the surface. Another application allows users to walk in through a garden where flowers bloom from their every step.

Designed specifically for deployment in areas of high user traffic, the Interactive Floor Projection is bound to catch attention and entertain. Possible applications of this interaction design include nightclub dance floors, interactive retail spaces, educational museum displays – literally anywhere that you would like to interact with customers in a more engaging way. The Interactive Floor Projection works by projecting a large interactive image onto the floor. The user’s movements are tracked using infrared technology and the projection responds accordingly. What at first glance seems to be a simple projection suddenly comes alive, much to the user’s delight. In addition, the projected area can respond to multiple users simultaneously, introducing a social aspect missing from traditional promotional media.

Formula D’s Interactive Floor Projection provides a new approach to finding your way around a shopping centre. An interactive map of the centre is projected onto the floor. Users literally stand on the store they want more information about and see store details, current promotions or advertising. This cost-effective technology makes it all possible.

Simple, fun, exciting educational games can easily be created using the Interactive Floor Projection System. The Recycling game allows you to use a real broom to sweep virtual trash into collection areas.

The applications for the Interactive Floor Projection system are limited only by your imagination. To see the Interactive Floor Projection in action is to instantly realise the power it has for communicating with your customer base in a new and exciting way.

Interactive Floor Projection - Gallery

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