Energy Planner Game

The Energy Planner Game is designed to educate people on different power generation technologies in an entertaining way.

It allows the player to take custody of a virtual city’s power plan and seek a balance between the most efficient technologies currently available and the most environmentally friendly ones. Players must also take into account the varying costs of production of the different technologies and face the challenge of maintaining an economically viable mix of all of these elements. A ‘how am I doing’ tab allows the player to view and assess their progress and the effectiveness of their chosen strategies. The player also needs to locate the different power plants around the city in the most appropriate areas so as to minimise the impact on the residents and maximise the efficiency of the relevant plant. For example, the hydro-electric plant has to be placed near the river in order to create a dam, and a wind farm should be placed out to sea where wind is most prevalent and consistent.

This educational game can be customised to operate on a number of hardware interfaces from iPad to interactive touch walls and can include company logo and colours. Because data regarding power output, costs and environmental impact of various energy sources changes over time, the Energy Planner Game has been designed to draw this information dynamically from an external text document, which can be adjusted easily.

The game has been developed as a joint venture with Wireframe Studio and sold to Eskom. The game currently undergoing some adjustments and expansions and is expected to go live at the end of 2011.

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