Anglo Induction

The Anglo Induction program is an online learning application developed for Anglo Coal in cooperation with Wireframe Studio and Media Lab. The goal of the application is to familiarise new employees with the key aspects of the company, such as company leadership, the history of the Anglo group, and the global reach and scope of Anglo operations, as well as ensuring zero workplace injuries with Anglo’s Health and Safety Best Practices.

This is achieved through a rich mix of interactive content. Throughout the application, users are accompanied by two pre-recorded video guides, who narrate some of the content and advise the user on which action to take. Information is presented through images, text, voice narration and video. Users can cycle back and forth through the sections to view any information they might have missed. Understanding is ensured through constant assessment in the form of spot quizzes, which oblige users to provide the correct answer before they can continue.

Anglo Induction - Gallery

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