Museums & Exhibitions
A persistent problem for museums and science centres is the challenge of attracting and engaging return visitors. Keeping content and themes fresh and frequently changing displays are some of the more common strategies to encourage patrons to come back on a regular basis. In this respect, digital interactive displays have an inherent advantage over hardcopy poster and artefact exhibits, as content can be updated without replacing costly hardware. When planned correctly, a digital interactive display can be designed such that a single software update may change the content and look and feel of an entire exhibit. Interactive content such as touch screen quizzes and games can be managed and updated through easy-to-use content management systems, which can be administered by in-house exhibition staff, eliminating the need for external consultants. This adaptability also proves invaluable when language or scientific facts need to be updated or corrected. With traditional exhibits, a change in content means substituting posters and signage or even replacing entire displays. Interactive digital content, however, may be updated with a few mouse clicks. Crucially, software-based content is also easy to scale: exhibition content may be replicated for a travelling exhibition, or adapted for implementation on a website or for a mobile application. Formula D interactive specialises in generating and implementing interactive exhibition ideas tailored to the client’s goals.
Mount Bosiu Interactive Projection
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Old Burger Street Prison Museum
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Smart Living Challenge Zone
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Mosti museum
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Interactive Timeline Table
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Interactive Book
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Town Development Topographical Projection
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Robben Island Museum Display
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