EcoChoices Game
Choices Game

The Eco Choices Game is a multi-player Touch Screen game that presents players with scenarios and personal choices affecting the environment. Depending on the choices made by players, the application projects different possible outcomes in the future, highlighting the influence and responsibilities of our actions with respect to the environment. Players are confronted with possible consequences of their decisions..

Up to four players gather around the UBIZO Multitouch table and start the game by touching their space on the table. They’re then prompted to select a male or female avatar and then to input their names. Next, they get presented with an illustration of a particular scenario and a choice of two possible decisions to be made. Depending on the decision made, they get presented with the following scenario, which is there as a direct result of the previous decision made. The game has 32 potential outcomes affected by the decisions selected during the course of game play. A central map graphic illustrates the position of each of the players in the decision matrix relative to each other at any time during the game.

The UBIZO 42” multi-touch table is a horizontal 42” full HD (1920 x 1080) LCD screen with multi-touch technology. The touch table design is optimised for application in public spaces such as shopping malls, museums or airports, but also suitable for architecture firms, tourism centres or hotels. Its modern and elegant design works well with differently styled interiors. The touch table is very durable and resistant to wear and tear and extreme use in public spaces. The UBIZO 42” multi-touch table is a plug and play multi-touch screen with built-in PC and speakers. The system runs Microsoft Windows 7 and can therefore easily be adapted for other interactive presentation purposes.

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