E-Learning does not replace a teacher or parent, nor is it a substitute for a real-life learning environment. However, e-learning applications can be much more effective than digital text books or instructional videos when it comes to conveying information in ways that stimulate the mind. Formula D interactive specialises in “serious games”: carefully designed multimedia e-learning courses that combine different media formats and technologies in ways that take advantage of each medium’s unique characteristics to provide a learning experience that works and sticks.

Formula D interactive has broad experience in conceptualising, designing and implementing e-learning courses for large corporations and public institutions. Possible applications of our online education applications include corporate induction programmes, remote studies, corporate training courses, manuals and maintenance guidelines for machinery and equipment.

E-learning courses may be designed for the internet, corporate intranets, CD-ROM, DVD or cell phones, depending on the distribution channel most suitable for the target group. We incorporate sound, animated graphics and video wherever possible, as these media have been shown to be more memorable and thus provide a better learning outcome. Interactive learning activities supported by electronic feedback systems foster greater involvement, as learners are in constant dialogue with the material, rather than simply being obliged to "consume" it. All learning applications can be linked to databases which record learner activity and assessments. Teachers and administrators can review and manage this data through a central admin console.
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