About Formula D interactive

BEE status:
Formula D interactive is a BEE level 4 contributor

General commitment of Formula D interactive to skills transfer, development and the transformation process in South Africa.

Formula D interactive works in an innovative industry requiring specialist training and skills. Since these skills are not always available in South Africa, it is common practice for Formula D interactive to develop the required skills through in-house training or by sending employees on training courses, for example to learn specific software skills. We regularly accept interns from local and international schools, stimulating knowledge transfer within the South African industry and internationally. We also frequently open our doors to learners for work-shadowing visits. We welcome any individual with talent and a minimal background in our field to apply for a job or training position. When selecting our employees we treat gender and races equally.

Formula D interactive also seeks to drive knowledge transfer on the academic level. We are actively contributing to research in the field of education, for example through presenting papers at conferences such as EducationWeek 2010 and SAASTEC (South African Association of Science and Technology Education Centres) 2008 and 2010. In 2011 Formula D interactive presented a paper at CSIR Meraka Institute discussing technology for the South African classroom of the future with government and academia.  

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